The playful hybrid

Zetland is a digital media that was launched in 2015. I served as the design director until 2018.
The mission was to rethink news and create a dedicated community of subscribers from all demographics.
We succeeded in creating platforms with a fresh, different approach, avoiding the traditional news design. I designed everything based on the manifesto of being “flat, rectangular, and colorful” and added illustrations, animations, and photography from the best in their field. Zetland has won several awards for its digital design.

The company’s logo type served as the foundation for all designs and effectively established a recognizable brand identity. Of particular note, the logo’s cursor feature lent itself well to animated content.

Zetland adapted very quickly to the demand for audio, and we created an app that was one of the first in the Danish media world.
The animation studio Benny Box created several vibrant and colorful animations, taking advantage of the digital platform’s potential.

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Stupid Studio

Zetland became a feeling, a movement, and over time, expanded into live shows and books. The brand has connected exceptionally well with a younger audience.
Stupid Studio have helped bring the visual identity to life by creating campaigns with the brand’s assets.

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